As an assistant astronomer of the CNAP, I give an average of 64h of lectures every year. I greatly appreciate the contact with students, which is why I favor practical teaching, with small groups of students. My favorite teaching is the training course of one week I organize every year at the OHP for Paris observatory Masters of Astrophysics.

Ph.D. Students

Year Who Level Title
2016-now Jonathon Grice Ph.D. Physical properties of asteroids from time series in large sky surveys
2014-now Myriam Pajuelo Ph.D. Properties of binary asteroids from photometry and stellar occultations


Period Title Level Place
2016-now Practical astronomy M.Sc. Observations at C2PU for MAUCA, Nice University
2013-now Practical astronomy M.Sc. Observations at the OHP for the Masters of Astrophysics, Paris Observatory

Former internship students

Year Duration Who Level Title
2016 Two months Sabrina Carollo M.Sc. Statistical study of double crater impacts on Mars surface
2016 Three months Tomas Tax M.Sc. Modeling of asteroids in 3D
2013 Six months Hadrien Devillepoix M.Sc. The Gaia alert system from asteroids
2012 Six months Alberto Escalante del Valle M.Sc. 3-D shape modeling of asteroids

Former lectures

Period Title Level Place
Oct 2015 Solar system science with E-ELT 1 & 2 Ph.D. STEEL: "Science and Technology with E-ELT" in Erice, Sicily, 8-20 October, 2015 (ESO Messenger).
2013-2015 Optics B.Sc. Inter-disciplinary bachelor, PSL★ research university
2014 VO in Planetary Sciences M.Sc. Paris Observatory
2013-2015 Imaging techniques M.Sc. Masters of Astrophysics, Paris Observatory
2009-2010 Physics for medicine students B.Sc. Bachelor of Medicine, University Paris 7 Denis-Diderot
2009 Fenêtres sur l'Univers B.Sc. Translation of the online lectures from French to Spanish for the Paris Observatory